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NEW CLASS!! Master the Art of DECOUPAGE!
NEW CLASS!! Master the Art of DECOUPAGE!

NEW CLASS!! Master the Art of DECOUPAGE!

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Twigs n' Posies Presents:

Our Master the Art of Decoupage class is a creative and engaging workshop where participants learn the art of decorating various surfaces using napkins, rice paper and/or decoupage paper.

Decoupage is a technique that involves adhering thin paper cutouts onto different objects to create beautiful designs and patterns. In this specific class, you will have a choice of several types of paper used for decoupage.

The class typically begins with an introduction to the materials and tools needed for decoupage. These may include napkins with appealing patterns or designs, decoupage glue or medium, brushes, scissors, and the surfaces to be decorated (e.g., terra cotta pots, glass jars, charger plates). 

Throughout the class, the instructor shares tips and tricks for achieving different effects and enhancing the overall design. They may explain how to add layers for depth and dimension or incorporate other decorative elements such as paint, stamps, or stencils. 

 Overall, a napkin decoupage class provides a fun and enriching experience where individuals can unleash their creativity and learn a versatile art form that can be applied to a wide range of objects and surfaces.