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Liquid Patina | Dark & Decrepit | DIY Finishes

Liquid Patina | Dark & Decrepit | DIY Finishes

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A beautiful low sheen durable brush on stain and/or glaze finish, the look of wax without all the work. It is also blend-able.
INSTRUCTIONS to use as a stain:
1.  Pour a small amount directly onto your dry surface, and use a rag, sponge, or paintbrush to apply an even coat to the entire surface.


This is a video from one of our mentors, Jami Ray, using Dark & Decrepit as a stain on a two-tone table.

INSTRUCTIONS to use as a glaze or blended top coat:

1.  Work in small sections to avoid a patchy finish.

2.  Apply a second coat, if more darkness is desired.

3. If desired, apply Big Top Top Coat to protect surface from liquids, etc. It is not necessary, however, you may also choose add clear or white wax last to achieve various looks, tone down the darkness or create a look unique to you and your piece!


  • Use clear liquid patina instead of wax for a simple, durable finish for indoors & outside!