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Bring Your Own Piece Painting & Finishing WORKSHOP!

Bring Your Own Piece Painting & Finishing WORKSHOP!

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Time to Freshen up your home for WINTER!!
Bring Your Own Piece Painting & Finishing WORKSHOP!

Are you ready to take an old piece and make it new again? This workshop is designed for the beginner & intermediate painter who wants to learn everything there is to know about all types of furniture paints, as well as, painting and finishing techniques.  

We invite you to "Bring Your Own Piece" to work on. You will master the art of wet distressing, learn how to distress properly, and choose to finish your piece with a clear topcoat or wax coat!

(VERY IMPORTANT PIECE GUIDELINES:  Bring a small piece of furniture with a footprint NO LARGER than 18″x 18", or two small kitchen cabinet doors - (plant stand, small side table, footstool, suitcase, or perhaps a cupboard door or drawer from a larger piece you'd like to paint at home.). We need to make sure there is enough room for everyone, so please be considerate. If you can’t carry the piece in by yourself, with one hand, it’s TOO BIG.)

This class is 2.0 hours and will give you all of the skills and confidence of an experienced painter! No cancellations, please...
2 Workshop Date & Time Offers:  Limited to 4-6 students in each class.

Saturday, January 21st, 9:30am-Noon
Wednesday, January 25th, 10am-Noon

$42 Workshop Fee